Climate change and consequences

Although Roger Revelle a climate researcher, has already pointed to the increasing CO2 emissions in 1957, involving the danger to our earth, like Al Gore has impressively described, the science needed about 50 years to take this problem serious.

It is thanks to Al Gore that he has clearly demonstrated the situation on earth to us.

The damage is caused, so it is hard to discuss, who is to blame for that. All people, who improved their living condition through the industrialization and we all, who live in an organized social system, are responsible for this situation.
Our whole planet is sick and the nature doesn't know any states and borders. The catastrophes are our catastrophes regardless of where they appear. We, only we can change something. We have to realize that the climate change affects not only the others but also all of us around the world. As mentioned before, the earth belongs to all people, animal, plants etc., we are all responsible for this possession.

What shall we do about that? Albert Einstein said:
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." (Albert Einstein regarding the crisis of world economy 1929)

Sun and wind were already used as energy sources in the past since thousands of years. Our ancestors have assigned various climatic occurrences to gods, which they wanted to appease with sacrifices during a thunderstorm. But neither Zeus nor Jehovah or Allah can control these kinds of things. Even Petrus or Mohammed cannot help. According to Einstein we have to rethink and resort to different energies. We have to strike new paths and not only the politicians. All of us, wherever we live, belong to the world. We can do it, which the politics couldn't or wouldn't achieve until today. We have to fight for our planet without limits.

Certainly there are also hypocritical links, for example:
"If you read the UN Climate panel reports it will get worse some places. Actually some places will get better like where I am from in Denmark." (Bjørn Lomborg on CNN, Exchange with Faeed Zakaria, 16. June 2008).


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