The OGRON technology

OGRON possesses a set of manufacturing technologies, which makes possible the economical production of rechargeable lithium-polymer and lithium-ion energy storage units. Because the storage units have such a long life span, this technology, which is superior to all other energy storage units of this size regarding the speed in which the unit is charged and discharged, can assume a crucial role within the area of energy production and the employment of renewable energy. This is also valid for applications with electric vehicles and energy storage units for the private households, industrial enterprises, power stations and the charging stations for electric vehicles, which can be charged in 10 - 15 minutes.

OGRON uses optimal active materials according to the type of storage unit, e.g. lithium manganese spinel in the most diverse variants, lithium cobalt oxide and lithium-iron phosphates, as well as different graphite’s and Titanate on the anode side. In addition, all other well-known active materials can also be used.

By the employment of new materials, such as iron phosphate and lithium Titanate, the required parameters for applications using large energy storage units are fulfilled:

  • long lifespan (more than 20 years)
  • absolute safety even with large batteries
  • acceptable price with consideration of the lifespan
  • retention of all advantages of lithium batteries:

    • low self-discharge
    • consistent discharge voltage
    • comparatively simple integration of remote maintenance systems
    • no "memory effect"
    • high energy density
    • relatively low volume

The key advantage of OGRON technology in relation to current common procedures results from the development of a special production method for the cells using nano materials.

With regard to the used active materials and electrolyte, OGRON technology realizes further cost advantages. Beyond that, however, all well-known compositions can be used to produce lithium polymer batteries.


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