Entwicklung mobiler und stationärer Hochleistungs-Strom-Speicher

OGRON is a company registered in Germany, which possesses the required rights and the technological know-how to realize innovative developments in the production of lithium batteries.

The 15 years of experience in lithium technology and, in this context, the construction of an unusually expanded scientific network allows us to produce a second generation of lithium batteries and to continue to revolutionize the technology of electrical power systems and large-volume electric storage units. We have the required key technology to produce lithium-polymer batteries inexpensively and to offer these batteries as a safe technology for mobile or large-volume and stationary storage units.

Our experience goes back to the founders of GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke in Nordhausen, Germany. Bent Hundrup, Dennis Wowern Nielsen und Franz-Wilhelm Winterberg established this company in 1995/6 after three years of preparations. Until 2000, GAIA was managed by founder Franz-Wilhelm Winterberg.

In the year 2000, the founders left the company after a majority shareholder bought into the business.

From 1996 – 2000, with the support of a highly motivated team of scientists and staff essential developments and innovations, such as extrusion technology, were created in the area of lithium batteries. A multiplicity of patents proves that a high stage of development had been achieved by the year 2000.

Even after leaving GAIA, the former founders, especially Franz-Wilhelm Winterberg, continued to work on the production of effective lithium-polymer batteries. The name "GAIA" (a term taken out of Greek mythology) was chosen because it expresses the respect for Mother Nature in developing technologies that will help to preserve our planet.

An additional motive for the three founders was the belief at that time, that electric automobiles must and would be produced, and that for these vehicles, a new storage system would be necessary.  The decision where to locate the Danish company KEWET (electrical vehicle) and another corporation, which wanted to construct an electric version of the Opel Corsa, could not be realised because no adequate efficient batteries existed.  Thus it became clear that batteries were the key for environment-friendly, individual mobility.

The Danish pioneers had one other crucial experience: the construction of wind farms, which, in Denmark intensified in the nineties, proved to be more than a disadvantage, because the wind farms could not produce enough energy to correspond with market demands. Therefore the founders were convinced that energy storage units had to be developed. By 1999 GAIA had produced the first ever large-capacity lithium batteries (270V, 500Ah).

Today OGRON is capable of producing energy storage units from 2 – 20 megawatts, and which have a lifespan of at least 20 years.


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