Patent situation

OGRON procedures are patented and registered worldwide, and applications have been submitted for other procedures. Patent attorneys have reacted positively to the new procedures’ patentability. Globally, a unique selling point exists. One particular selling point concerns the application and the treatment of the installation of electrolytes which guarantees a 20-year lifespan.

Explanation of patents

OGRON’s patents deal with the procedures of manufacturing lithium-polymer-, as well as lithium-ion batteries. The technology which makes it possible to produce these batteries inexpensively is covered in these patents.

The basic requirement for the production of lithium-polymer batteries consists of the necessity to apply the active materials of the electrodes in an appropriate form onto an extremely thin coating of metal backing film which then act as current collectors.

The basic condition for the production of a lithium polymer battery exists in the necessity to lay the active materials on of the electrodes in suitable form on the metallic transparencies functioning as current collectors in very thin layers.

Due to patent law, our patents pending cannot be addressed here.

OGRON’s technology dispenses in part without currently intermediate steps, which, until now, have been necessary. For example, in suitable machines of the plastics processing industry, the active materials are immediately dispersed in one procedural step into polymer electrolytes and laid onto the backing film in one procedure. Through winding or even folding, the film can be converted into batteries without any additional steps.


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