OGRON intends to establish production facilities in different countries in order to serve the respective markets.

The market for energy storage units represents globally €115 billion – of that €15 million in Germany alone. OGRON would like to increase its market share in Germany to €500 million and to €2 billion worldwide.

Customer clientele:

    E.ON, RWE, Vattenfall, EnBW and 1,094 public utility companies

    + Decentralized energy storage units for electric vehicles at all gas stations in Germany

    + Energy storage units in private households

Energy storage units are needed for electric vehicle charging stations. Global warming has forced the industry to reduce the CO2 emissions, hence, energy storage units can help to achieve this goal. Through the units, renewable energy will be stored and provided for the respective application in the appropriate voltage.

It does not make sense to change from combustion motors to electric motors as the CO2 emissions would merely be replaced by power plants. Therefore the change must occur through renewable energies which are installed in energy storage units throughout Europe in a fully developed infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The best possibilities are provided by modularly constructed storage units. OGRON energy storage units have a minimum life of about 20 years and represent the highest standards.

The second market will be the private use of energy storage units which are charged by photovoltaics. As a result, users will be independent up to a range of about 500 km and will also receive an additional emergency power supply unit for their homes.

The third market, naturally, is the automobile industry, which requires storage units for electric powered trains that are produced in many countries. OGRON storage units will be produced in each of these countries.

The fourth market consists of public utility companies, power plants, industrial plants etc. Through the use of energy storage units, peak loads can be adjusted and even absorb large current interruptions. OGRON is currently looking for financial partners which are interested in investing in production facilities.

Detailed documentation can be sent upon request.


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